The torque-measuring machine element

The torque-measuring shaft coupling ROBA®-DSM is based on the tried and tested backlash-free shaft coupling ROBA®-DS. The areas of application for this torque measurement coupling range from test stand construction through use in serial production machines right up to condition monitoring. The system permits uncomplicated condition monitoring of machines and systems. Machines can be optimally utilised through evaluation of the coupling data.

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High-speed safety clutches

Test stand applications place highest demands on torque-limiting safety clutches, which quickly overstrain the standard designs available on the market. Therefore, mayr® power transmission have developed the new safety clutches EAS®-HSC and EAS®-HSE, which meet the demands and which are suitable for speed values of up to 12,000 revolutions per minute.

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Safe brake control – applicable up to PLe and SIL CL3

In order to enable safety brakes to contribute towards risk reduction in machines and systems, they require a reliable control. The safe brake control ROBA®-SBC is technically superior in every respect in terms of safety contactor circuits. The module prototype-inspected by the TÜV (Technical Inspectorate) can be deployed up to the highest Performence Level PLe and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

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 Nou ROBA SBC plus


Safety brake for servo motors

The ROBA®-servostop® is a spring applied safety brake. When the brake is closed, the rotor with the friction linings is held between the armature disk and the brake plate. When the installed magnetic coil is energised, the magnetic field pulls the armature disk against the force of the springs towards the coil carrier. The brake is released. Due to the simple and robust construction, it is technically superior to permanent magnet brakes in many respects.

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 Nou ROBA servostop


A backlash-free safety brake for profiled rail guides

Within the scope of the NCplus project, mayr® power transmission have developed the safety brake e ROBA®-guidestop for the backlash-free clamping of tool axes during the running process. This innovative brake concept provides maximum safety, and increases the process precision and machining capacity. It also relieves the linear guides and ball screw spindle.

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 Nou ROBA guidestop

ROBA-stop®-M CCV

Cold climate safety brake – GL-certified up to -40 °C

The cold climate version of the ROBA-stop®-M wind power brake sets new standards for pitch
and yaw brakes in low-temperature applications. Up to now, it is the only electromagnetic safety brake certified by Germanic Lloyd (GL) for applications to temperatures of -40 °C.

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 Nou ROBA stop M CCV